Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hot Dog Truck

Well ...
after 6 months and many thousands of $$$ we finally got Mike's Rollin' Kitchen Truck out in the world making money. Well at least its out in the world. It has been a very long, hard and sometimes frustrating process.

First the truck itself was a big challenge. I took a catering truck that hadn't seen the road in 6 years and made it into a working rolling kitchen. Wow, that took 7 months and a lot of money. I had to basically throw out most of the equipment and buy new stuff.

Then came the licensing process. First I had to take the Serve Safe course and pass the test, then the Mass State hawkers and vendors license, then the town board of health had to approve and issue their license and lets not forget the mass meals tax license.

It is a wonder I got this going at all.......

I guess all good things take a lot of time and effort. Hopefully this will pay off in the long run. I don't want to sound negative but........

I would caution anyone that wants to be a "hot dog man", "Rollin' Kitchen, or even run a canteen truck, think about it long and hard then keep your day job!

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meddling kid said...

Hi Michael,

I just found this post, and would love some more information on teh catering truck experience. I'm looking to do something similar myself (don't worry, not hot dogs), and was wondering what the total cost of the truck and licenses was, as well as any other pointers - it would be a great help!